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Klassenfahrt 6/1 nach Bernburg

Last weck we went on a class trin. The way was very long but it was not boring. It took us three hours to get there and back. When we got there we went to an animal park it was not very big but cute. We had a lot of fun there. Then we got to the hotel there was a side in the house for the girls and one for the boys. In the evening we went bowling. This was fun! It was dark when we went back fastly. We girls talked quietly and played a game till we were tired. In the morning I stood up carefully. I didn’t want to fall out of my bed. After breakfast we ade a cool trip to th forest. Me and mz group went fastly to win the price. Then we went shopping in the city, I went home happily. After that we were in the cinema. In the evening we went swimming, this was fun. We went home the next morning. This was my first class trip.  

Von Laura Pastor



Last week we went on a exciting class trip. When we got there, we put all our things on the benches and plazed on the big playground. Later we went to a smaller Zoo and once again, we had much fun. I bought a souvenir. Some animals like the birds were really loud. As we went back to our hostel some kids ran fastly. In the evening we bowled in a nice bowling centre. I did well in the first round but in the second match I bowled terribly. The next day we watched a movie in the amazing city. The movie was called Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Also, we went swimming. I just heard some kids screaming loudly because they had too much fun. In the two nights I slept well. The last day we ate the yummy breakfast and went back to Werdau. My parents waited nervously because I wasn’t feeling well in the morning. But it was still a great class trip. 

Von Louis Zinsmeyer


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